Bomb Blast Mitigation

World terrorism is affecting all of us. Our country is responding with unprecedented security measures through both the public sector (the Department of Homeland Security) and the private security industry.

  • As Individuals, each of us has our own safety concerns.
  • As Homeowners, we aim to defend our families.
  • As Business Owners, we strive to safeguard our Staff and Customers.
  • As Employees, we seek to protect ourselves and our colleagues.

Our greatest risk is not directly from a terrorist blast or a violent storm, it is the resulting deadly flying glass and debris. Shards of shattered glass from an explosive detonation can have devastating effects far from the epicenter of the explosion itself. Bomb Blast protective systems designed to retain glass within its frame can and do save lives.

Each and every circumstance has both real and perceived risk for security and safety. The tough analysis is the level of security and safety desired balanced against what can be done to mitigate those risks along with economic and other practical considerations. Not all buildings face the same risk levels.

GlassCare offers an array of safety film solutions, from the most demanding, high profile government structures to small storefronts or individual residences.

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