Impact Protection

Extreme Weather Anomalies

GlassCare can reduce the danger of Natural Disasters in cases such as; Hurricanes, High Winds, Earthquakes and Tornadoes can turn windows into deadly flying glass shrapnel! Once a building's glass barrier is breached, the interior is vulnerable to rain, wind, water damage and flying debris. GlassCare's film keeps deadly glass shards in place, eliminating or minimizing water damage and significantly reducing potential liability.

Bomb Blast Mitigation

World terrorism is affecting all of us. Our country is responding with unprecedented security measures through both the public sector (the Department of Homeland Security) and the private security industry. Read More ...

Smash and Grab Theft / Home Break-Ins

GlassCare can deter break-ins and can prevent smash and grab theft. Burglars and vandals depend upon speed. They plan to smash a window, gain entry, grab merchandise or property and leave before law enforcement or private security can respond.

A GlassCare window protected with Safety Shield film is designed to dramatically increase the time and effort required for someone to penetrate windows and doors.

The degree of difficulty, the element of surprise, the absence of time and the risk of being seen all help prevent or even terminate an attempted forced entry. Read More ...

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