GlassCare specializes in advanced technology safety and security films for commercial and residential glass surfaces, including state of the art applications for Anti-Intrusion, Bomb blasts, Hurricanes, Graffiti, Energy Savings and Architectural Design.

Glass, is part of our day to day lives, it makes us all vulnerable to serious risk of personal injury and breach of security; with integrity and the highest standards, our mission is to secure the safety of people foremost and the protection of businesses and their assets.

GlassCare Inc., is a supplier and certified installer of a specialty line of extraordinarily strong and effective safety and security films for field application to existing glass surfaces. The films are specially engineered and designed to substantially strengthen glass windows and doors to minimize the possibility of breakage. Should an impact break the glass, the film is engineered to retain the broken glass intact in its frame, thus preventing hazardous flying glass shards from entering occupied areas of a home or office.

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