Smash & Grab Theft

GlassCare will deter break-ins and can prevent smash and grab theft. Burglars and vandals depend upon speed.

They plan to smash a window, gain entry, grab merchandise and leave before law enforcement or private security can respond.

A GlassCare window protected with Safety Shield film is designed to dramatically increase the time and effort required for someone to penetrate windows and doors. The degree of difficulty, the element of surprise, the absence of time and the risk of being seen all help prevent or even terminate an attempted forced entry!

GlassCare provides clients with customized recommendations for the anti-intrusion system for their unique needs. Security film will deprive any intruder of the ability to quickly break-in with the expectation of an easy escape.

The element of surprise will play an important role as the intruder is unlikely to be prepared to penetrate the security filmed glass in the short amount of time necessary to avoid detection.

Very important for security monitoring companies is the all important average, or even guaranteed, response time to be on the scene. Response time is meaningful when there is a much better chance of apprehending someone in the process of a crime rather than investigating the crime scene after an intruder is long gone with your valuables (insurance companies like this feature).

Security film will allow you to take that time away from an intruder and give your security monitoring company or law enforcement the precious time to interrupt the crime and apprehend the criminals!

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